Sanremo 2020, Amadeus depressed but convinced: you do not want to give in to censorship on the Junior Cally

Who knows him describes him as depressed for the controversy, but not domo. Amadeus is in Sanremo for the rehearsal of the Festival and has felt the blow that came in these days, under attack by the cross, with the Policy that has chosen him as a scapegoat for a series of problems and some of the artists who have abandoned him to his fate, after having promised to help. All of which add up to some gaffes and a management that is not optimal of the car in sanremo. The Policy seems to have cornered the presenter, with a unanimous vote of the arc parliament that is not seen for some time: Matteo Salvini, Nicola Zingaretti, Laura Boldrini, and so on and so forth have decided that the Festival Amadeus in this moment, this is the topic to talk about. And they talk about it, sometimes illegitimately.

The polemic against Junior Cally

Today there will be a meeting to settle the case with Junior Cally. In recent days, some observers have noticed that an old song by the rapper roman contained some of the bars cheered on the murder of women. the song, “Witch” was published in 2017, and according to the defense of the rapper is nothing more than a story, as are most of the violence in the films of Quentin Tarantino: “Tell the reality through the fiction is the grammar of the rap. Or you accept the art of rap, and probably art in general. Or the face of the Sanremo Festival, a’ hypocrite showcase of good intentions, is far from the reality, and the branch of the Italian Parliament,” he said in a note to the singer, going to a head-on collision with the Rai and with a piece of Policy.

Sanremo 2020: Amadeus against the exclusion of Junior Cally

Now, it seems that Amadeus will have a meeting to decide what to do. On the table there is the possibility to exclude Junior Cally by the Big. People close to the conductor and artistic director describe him as depressed and tried by this war that has been unleashed against this seventieth edition of the festival, but they also say that Amadeus will defend sword in his choices, because the risk is more severe, to give space to some form of censorship. The track in the race, “No, thanks” does not have any reference sexist, but it has some reference to the political and someone has thought that the output of Salvini (which provides that things inconvenient you can do it in public, but only in one’s own home) may be related to this.