Sanremo 2020 invades the Italian radio, but in the head there is Elodie, in front of the Penguins and Diodato

Sanremo 2020 is finished by a week to ten days but the effect is still vivid in the charts and in the ears of the italians. In addition to the sales charts, in fact, the songs and the artists featured in the Festival have invaded the Italian radio stations, monopolizing the top positions, with six songs in the top 10 and the podium completely at your own prerogative. Yet, the first three positions do not reflect accurately the final results of the Festival, nor the one of the videos on Youtube, which of course will move in a different way, mirror more to the tastes of the public and the choices of the radio.

Elodie before with Andromeda

The favorite is Elodie, with his “Andromeda”, a song that, to tell the truth, since the debut on the stage of the Sanremo festival was the candidate to be the song most played on the radio. Elodie, you know, is one of the queens of the summer hits and this time he had brought a piece very danceable song, written by Mahmood and produced by Dardust, the golden couple of “Money”, which won the last festival (missing only Charlie Charles). Behind her is the piece with catchy of the Penguins and Tactical Nuclear, that “Ringo Starr” came third, but one of the winners moral of the Festival, counting that the band was probably the least famous to the great public among the artists present on the stage of the Ariston. To find victor Diodato you need to go in the third position, where it ascends the “Make noise”, winning in Sanremo.

Also Laurel and Levante in the top 10

In fourth position there is “Blinding Lights”, the new song from The Weeknd, which comes down from first position last week, closely followed by “vice Versa”, the song with which Francesco Gabbani is ranked at the second place, that puts you behind the “Fast” of Mahmood, in high in the rankings for weeks now. Still, the festival is the protagonist with two other songs: in the seventh position, in fact, there is “I do not care” of the Achille Lauro. in front of “Tikibonbon” Levante, while to close the top 10 are the “Boogieman” of the Psalm and “Roxanne” of the american rapper Arizona Zervas.