Sanremo 2020, revealed the 20 contestants of the Festival: “Riki, Electra, Lamborghini and the Achille Lauro”

Just a few days for the official announcement of the cast of singers of the Sanremo Festival, 2020 January 6, Amadeus them will announce in the course of the special episode of the Usual suspects. But the exclusive announcement could be at risk after the newspaper published by the weekly magazine Chi, in these hours, which anticipates the names of the cast of Sanremo 2020.

The weekly directed by Alfonso Signorini reveals the possible names of the big race at the Ariston from 4 to 9 February. A cast that, if it were confirmed, tell the intention of point mainly at a younger audience by putting a little’ by the tradition of the names of classic sanremo.

The alleged big Sanremo 2020 unraveled by those Who

The weekly Who does certain names, among which there are many coming from the world of talent: the winner of the Friends 2018 Riki Marcuzzo, to Elodie Patricians, passing for Giordana Angi and Enrico Nigiotti, but also Stash the Kolors. Sanremo 2020 there should be also Irene Grandi, Electra, Lamborghini, Paolo Jannacci, Michele Zarrillo, Raphael Gualazzi, Junior Cally and the rapper Grudge (last year in the race with Daniele Silvestri). He would return to the Festival for the second year in a row, the Achille Lauro, as well as Morgan, that he would do it on the stage of the Aristo in pair with Bugo. Among the new names on the band of Penguins and tactical nuclear weapons. And yet, in Sanremo 2020 might come Samuele Bersani, Diodato and the Levant (these last two protagonists of gossip over the past months, in view of the relationship that is born between the two artists). In addition, there would be the great return of Marco Masini, the winner in 2004, which this year celebrates 30 years of career. Another winner of the Sanremo festival that should be on the stage of the Ariston is Francesco Gabbani, who had won in 2017. To close the list of running names of the next Festival are Paul Whittaker, the son of the well-known singer-songwriter Enzo, Michele Zarrillo and Raphael Gualazzi.

The psalm among the guests, Diletta Leotta, there is

But that’s not all, the weekly magazine Chi also reveals the names of some of the guests and female faces, alongside Amadeus on the stage of Sanremo 2020. The host of the first evening should be the rapper Psalm, while it would have confirmed the presence of Diletta Leotta in the list of ten women who could down the stairs of the Ariston theatre in one of the five nights.

Fiorello, Tiziano Ferro and Benign: the names already confirmed to Sanremo 2020

At the moment, in addition to the name of the conductor and artistic director, and to the presence in the quality of the super guests of Fiorello and Roberto Benigni, the other certainty of the cast of the upcoming Sanremo is one of the Tiziano Ferro, that will be the stage of the Ariston for all five evenings.