Sara (Koh-Lanta) : unpublished Photos of his marriage and a cry of love to Reynald

This year, Sara retentait his luck in Koh-Lanta for the third time ! Full of determination and decided to finally get the victory, the great sport for 45 years, awesome abs, however, has unfortunately been forced to cut short its running after being injured during an event. Back in France, she explained that she had made “an incisional hernia, abdominal”, which has brought him to undergo an operation in emergency followed by five months of convalescence. A new disappointment to Sarah, who had already had to give up in 2012 after having contracted a double ear infection infectious on the filming of the program of survival.

Fortunately, in its hard blows, the one that gets him the nickname “Sara Croft” can always find solace with those who share his life. A certain Reynald Lopez that she married in 2014 after several years of love. Sunday 28 June 2020 was also a big day for the couple, since it was his wedding anniversary. On Instagram, it is therefore quite natural that the pretty blonde has appeared nostalgic by sharing several photos of the event. New screenshots on which Sara and her lover appear very much in love, covering tenderly kissing. “On this special day… six years ago, I was using the word YES to bear your name and become your wife… Happy anniversary Mr and Mrs LOPEZ”, legend does it. The wedding in cyprus who have enjoyed the many admirers of the iconic adventurer, all the more that it is rare that it appears at the side of Reynald.

This was not, however, earned him place the ring on the finger ! Because yes, at that time, Sara had preferred to postpone the ceremony to go get lost for the second time in his life on a deserted island, then that it was she who had taken the initiative to marry. During an interview with Tv Star, she explained : “When I was offered to participate, I’d just send the invitations for my wedding. After ten years of love, I’d just propose to my man to marry me with him. He was very surprised. I’m not telling you head when I announced that I was leaving again to play the survivors ! I delayed my wedding because of Koh-Lanta. He has still understood.” Well, fortunately, the nice union had been able to be held on 28 June 2014.