Secret Story : A candidate has attempted suicide in a premium

May 28, next, Morgane Enselme, candidate of Secret Story 5 in 2011 edition which was won by Mary Garet), will be released a book entitled Thirteen weeks, that you should never have to know about the reality tv. In it, the young woman who has already criticized more than once the reality tv show, there are sacred revelations. In an excerpt from the book unveiled by Closer, we learn in particular that a candidate has attempted suicide.

While Angie Be, a candidate of the season 3 (2009), has several times attempted suicide and François-Xavier (of the same edition), committed suicide in August 2011, at the age of 22 years, another candidate has tried to put an end to his days, according to Morgane. In his book, the one that had the secret My father is called Brigitte, wrote : “A candidate of my season had also attempted suicide in the dressing room for a premium. The people from the production were overwhelmed by the number of people they had destroyed to the point of wanting to have done with life and wanted to not be confronted on this subject.” Then who is it ? Marie Garet ? Aurélie Van Daelen ? Juliet ? Sabrina Perquis (we doubt it) ? Ayem Nour ? Julie ? Marie-Josée ? Or is it a man ? Zelko ? Zarko ? Geoffrey ? Geof ? Simon ? Daniel ? Jonathan ? Morgan ? Rudy ? Anthony ? The suspense remains whole, because Morgane Enselme did not reveal the name of the person concerned.

Since his release from the House of Secrets, Morgane Enselme has several times made mention of it, referring to the scenes of Secret Story. She had made revelations on the votes of the public which had not rained at Benjamin Castaldi, presenter of the program at the time.