Secret Story : A candidate release of the game because of Madonna

Morgane Enselme, candidate of Secret Story 5 in 2011, will be released on the 28th of next may, a book called Thirteen weeks, that you should never have to know about the reality tv. A book in which she looks back on her participation in the famous game. After having mentioned the suicide attempt of one of his classmates, it showed how a candidate had been output from the show to make fun of Madonna.

In this edition of “Secret Story” a candidate named Julie Georges had the secret “A queen of pop has broken my couple”. In this case, it was Madonna who, like her, is out with Brahim Zaibat. But for a scribbler card of a couple in a show with a large audience broadcast on one of the largest chains of Europe would not have much longer to Madonna. Morgane Enselme wrote in his book (excerpt circulated by Closer ) : “I asked Julie why she had revealed her secret to Rudy. (…) She told me that its out of the game was arranged for the Friday and that she wanted to give him his prize before leaving., (…) The production had been threatened with prosecution because of his secret : ‘A queen of pop has broken my couple.’ It was a real secret.” For Morgane Enselme, Julie was “a candidate disturbing that it was necessary to make out”, because Madonna would have “threatened a lawsuit and never to grant any interview or video TF1”.

This revelation raises of course the question of the votes of the public. In fact, if the output of Julie was arranged, should we conclude that the votes were rigged ? At the time, Julie had faced Ayem Nour and Juliet, and they were respectively obtained 13%, 45% and 42% of the votes. For Morgane, the fakery is not in doubt. Always in her book, she explains that a person in connection with the issuance had entrusted to her : “as Soon as the appointments are made on Tuesday, we had a road map with the name of the candidate who will come out on Friday, his address and his train ticket or a plane to go back home if it is not Paris.”