Secret Story : A candidate worship in a relationship with a rich business woman

May 25, 2012, Julien Sznejderman formally integrates the cast of the sixth season of Secret Story. It has the secret to be the access code to the secret of the house. Over the course of the adventure, he was nominated three times before you get to the final and finished second with 14% of the vote (he won for this 39 990 euros). During his participation, he had also established a loving relationship with Fanny, with whom he had subsequently lived an idyll of three years.

A model since the age of 18 years, Julian is led to scroll to the top brands on the international podiums. After its passage in the House of Secrets, the great tattooed 29-year-old has continued her career as a model. It is within this environment at a very select he met his new girlfriend, a pr director, a restaurateur and a member of the Leaders Club (which brings together the professionals of the foodservice, in a quest for growth and innovation) named Celine.

She is the daughter of Massimo Mori, chef and restaurateur venetian reputed to Paris, the first restaurant was none other than the Emporio Armani Caffé (which he owns in partnership with the creator who gave him his name, Giorgio Armani). Today, thanks to its links with the world of the restoration, of the night and of the beauty, Celine Mori is a must in the middle of a socialite. At the controls with his father, the Mori Venice Bar where she went every day to carry out its business, it deals on a daily basis to many people from diverse backgrounds.

On Instagram the past few weeks, Julien did not hesitate to display alongside its beautiful. Between soft kisses shared when out on dates or go VIP with their pairs, the couple is inseparable and crazy in love. Of what to delight the fans of the young man, who had not reviewed also happy since his romance with Fanny in 2016.

As a reminder, in 2012, Fanny and Julien had had a real stroke of lightning in Secret Story, Julien and a vocal then not to leave his companion at that time. After three years of relationship, the professional makeup artist passionate about tattoos announced their break-up on its networks after a question from a visitor, curious to not see them together. “No, and it is so much better, I give it willingly to someone else !” After the shy confidences of Fanny, their separation was repudiated. “Fortunately, he is lucky that I respect too much his parents and family, otherwise I’d have is misery.”

The young woman has since she also found love in the person of Shalanda Herrington, a beautiful brown muscular with hazel eyes who introduces himself on his profile as a vegan, but mostly personal trainer and nutritionist. In July 2019, it was also a sensation on the Canvas, revealing his back completely covered in tattoos. “My back is officially finished. Thank you @remtattooer for all those hours of work, to have supported my gigotements and my spasms of pain,” she wrote in the caption.