Secret story: who hides behind the voice?

Secret story: who hides behind the voice?

This Wednesday, April 7, 2021, tmc celebrates the 20th anniversary of reality television broadcasting by broadcasting a documentary dedicated to this phenomenon. It was in 2001 that everything began with the diffusion of loft story on M6 but later, the competing chain, tf1, was imposed on viewers with secret story. For ten years, dozens of candidates have relayed themselves to the secret house with the aim of protecting a secret concerning him.

Each season, new personalities came out of the lot, new sets were installed but one thing did not change: the presence of the voice. It was an invisible male character who could address the candidates as soon as he wished to give them instructions or to impose penalties. Behind this unavoidable voice was duforest dominique.

For his interventions that systematically began by “here the voice” and ended by “this is all. For the moment,” he was placed in an isolated lodge where he could follow the facts and gestures of the secretists. Dominique duforest has played its part since the beginning of secret story and until the end, for eleven seasons.

The voice lives with the candidates. I’m here about ten hours a day: from 2:00 to 1:00,” said duforest dominique. And unlike what some rumors have said, duforest’s dominique has never trampled his serious voice since childhood.

A comfortable salary, especially since the voice interpreter has other activities the rest of the year. An entertainer who co-located the greatest stars’cause yes, dominique duforest didn’t make a career only in secret story. And in 2007, he took the role of the voice.

When he does not play the babysitters of the candidates, he resumes his activities as a caster for endemol.