Serena Enardu, and I give you leave (again!): “Love is not enough without trust…”

Serena Enardu, and I give you leave to another time. To cancel followers: before the break to Temptation Island (after seven years of love), then the reunification of the GfVip, finally, the quarantine in the super house of her in Sardinia where they appeared to have found, and even the design of the wedding. And now, here is the new breakup: the influencer and the singer (real name Pacific September) say goodbye. Is she to give the news on social. But will it be the final? – PRIVATE |

I pay and Serena Enardu, in quarantine (in the villa in Sardinia) seemed to riscoppiato love…

“A QUARREL, HEAVY” – “Personally I never wanted to have to do what I am doing in this moment, or take my phone to write what you are going to read… I didn’t expect it,” writes influencer on Instagram so cryptic. “I’m going to tell you that with the Pacific, we had a heavy quarrel that has led us to move away again, ( … ). Love is not enough to go forward with a relationship, we want to first of all the confidence and self-esteem. If you are missing these two magic ingredients, the gestures, the words are constantly interpreted and misunderstood, they are able to overturn a magnificent dinner in a horrible nightmare… Not always the one who decides to forgive is really, and those who have done wrong in the past can not be treated as a culprit in life”.

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“OUR BEAUTIFUL…” – The love between them – as they have always been told and even shown in front of the cameras of Temptation Island and GfVip – has always been litigarello. And who knows, maybe this time there is a turnabout. The premises, having regard to the conclusion of the post of the influencers are all there. “Forgiveness is an act of love which is very heavy for those who try to apply it, but if you can’t sweep anger and resentment is to miss the trust and everything is compromise, doing harm to both (…). I was struggling to get on Instagram because every time I open it there are those wonderful photos and videos, groups, pages, profiles, various have create for us, they are back-stabbing!”. For the next episode!

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