Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin “hid on the face”: Charlotte shared dark memories

Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin

Thirty years ago, Serge Gainsbourg joined the Havana smoker. From his passage to Earth, many retain songs, of course, but also a character, a story, an attitude, an inheritance. His serious voice had seduced both listeners and women, many of whom were to scroll in his life.

Of course, the 1970s were marked by the extraordinary duo he formed with Jane Birkin. Binôme passion, love-haine, melodies beating their feelings, a child born of their history. “We bathed in melancholy, remembers their daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg, in a long homage interview given to Telerama.

There was a dark side in what he conveyed to me, even if I don’t keep a sad memory of it. With my mother, they were getting pretty good on the face, I’m keeping some cunning memories, and she wasn’t on the left. Even after their separation, when he came to see us at home, the plates were flying.

I crushed my cigarette on him, too, litThe violence in this relationship is not very secret. In the various volumes of her autobiography, from Munkey Diaries to Post-Scriptum, Jane Birkin already mentioned her very tumultuous romance with Serge Gainsbourg. “I crushed my cigarette on him too, lit, so I did so,” she explained to Léa Salamé on France Inter.

When I bought the house after his death, I wanted to respect his willA place remains imbued with memories of this idyllic. This is the 5 bis apartment on rue de Verneuil, in the 7th arrondissement, in which Serge Gainsbourg lived, then pushed his last breath, on 2 March 1991. His daughter, Charlotte, also created a gargantuesque project: that of transforming the house into a place of worship, of recollection.

“When I bought the house after his death, I wanted to respect his will. I read that he wanted to become a museum, she told Telerama. I chose not to touch anything, with few visitors and an annex to take the tickets, so as not to touch the facade, covered with messages and graffiti forever.