Shalabayeva case, speaks for the first time the husband mukhtar ablyazov – exclusive

Shalabayeva case, speaks for the first time the husband mukhtar ablyazov - exclusive

The wife of the dissident kazakho was at the center of an international intrigue. Now, eight years after the “state treatment”, the husband tells everything. Exclusive todayIt was May 2013 when at the shalabayeva, the wife of the dissident kazako mukhtar ablyazov, was taken from the villa of the housewife in which he lived together with the daughter alua.

Although he was entitled to political asylum, he was sent back to Kazakhstan on a private plane rented by the Khazaka embassy. An incredible story, unveiled exclusively from the weekly today (look). Seven police officers were sentenced to that international intrigue: for the judges of the court of perugia who issued the convictions that was a “state treatment”.

I didn’t understand, but a few hours later when they told me about the blitz at my wife’s and daughter’s house, everything was clear. The wife alma and her daughter alua, who live permanently in rome, reached it. I have suspicions, I have no proof and therefore I do not make names.

I only say that the orders came from a very high, otherwise it would not explain the determination with which the police intervened”. Ablyazov reveals to today for the first time: “I had an escape plan for alma and alua, upload them to a bimotor, get them to Kyrgyzstan and from there to Europe. Then the international pressure went up and we realized that the regime would yield, freeing alma and Alua”.

In the interview alma also intervenes: “The reaction of the Italian public impressed me… we were not Italians yet we were invested by a wave of affection, solidarity, love, that I will never forget”. The interview and exclusive photos are on today in newsstandToday ©Reserved PRODUCTION