Sharon Stone : Her drastic measure against the sars coronavirus

The coronavirus is at the heart of all the discussions and concerns ! Sharon Stone has taken a drastic measure to protect them from the virus. Confined to her home, she hired a nurse to take the temperature of its guests.

It is Public that Sharon Stone has been entrusted to us. In the new issue of the magazine, the actress of 62 years spoke of her fear of the virus Covid-19, which had recently claimed the life of his grand-mother’s heart, Eileen Mitzman. Before his death, Sharon Stone had celebrated his birthday the beginning of march, before the confinement takes effect in the United States. So that the festival takes place under the best conditions, Sharon Stone had hired a nurse to take the temperature of its guests.

“Seeing that the Covid was gaining ground, I hired a nurse who was taking the temperature of everyone at the entrance. Some have found that I was pushing the cap, but to protect the people you love, no half measures !”, explains the famous heroine of Basic Instinct, whose health is the subject of some concern, since his / her cardio-vascular incident in 2001.

Sharon Stone is still in quarantine in her home in Los Angeles, with her children Quinn, Laird and Roan (aged 13, 15 and 20 years). Private travel or filming, Sharon Stone remains in contact with the outside world thanks to social networks. She regularly publishes photos and videos on Instagram, where over 2 million people follow her daily life. Sharon Stone is also still active on the applications of meetings, hoping to find love during this pandemic.

Find Sharon Stone in Public n°880, on newsstands Friday, may 22, 2020.