Shy’m offers a walk with baby in a very bestial look!

Shy'm offers a walk with baby in a very bestial look!

The young mother never ends up enjoying her son, born on January 22nd. More than three months later and the beautiful days arriving, shy’m decided that it was time to offer his little one his first walks in town and shared this moment to two on his Instagram account on Sunday, May 2. After the stay at the sea, the 35-year-old woman decided to take her boy to the air with a beautiful sunny day.

The occasion, as for many parents, to finally try the scary outfits bought for his newborn and one can say that the colored woman interpreter has made strong! Accompanied by small socks with motives, baby outfit to attract attention. The young woman is not in the rest with a very studied style in total jean look with a fluo cup, she has been able to get to the slide.

Many anonymous people also shared their joy in front of this tender photo. “too beautiful photo,” “too much too beautiful all this!” Or “together stylish,” so many comments from Internet users delighted to see the young mom share life moments with baby.

For the point of humor, shy’m adds the hashtag pasisonléo and dicaprio to make a reference to the name of the American actor leonardo dicaprio that corresponds to the outfit chosen for his son.