Sia : grandma at 44 years of age, his young son already dad !

In may 2020, the singer Sia released having adopted two boys last year in the greatest discretion. Young men aged 18 years at the time of this late adoption. Guest on the music show of Zane Lowe on Apple Music, in June 2020, the star added that she had become a grandmother.

During the show, Sia is back on its approach towards the adoption of older children. “I am a fucking great mother ! My youngest son has had two babies. At the time, we can say that I felt horrified. No, in fact it’s going to, it’s cool. They call me ‘Nana’. I try to make sure that they call me ‘Lovey’ as Kris Jenner [the mother of Kim Kardashian, NLDR]. I am in mode : ‘Call me Lovey’, “said the star of 44 years. A young son, to whom she pays since its adoption, a program of medical care to treat her emotional trauma related to his career since childhood.

“I truly prayed for it to be so, for me, it took me my 41 years, I think, to manage my injuries. And I don’t want that it happens the same to them [his second son is also following a similar programme, ED], but we can’t force people. Manage a trauma, this occurs when you’re finally safe, when you’re ready, psychologically ready. Then I try to do my best for them,” said Sia.

The interpreter of the tubes Chandelier, Elastic Heart, Cheap Thrills, or even The Greatest, has also detailed why she had adopted two older children black. “Growing up, they were moving away from the system of foster homes. They have a roof until the age of 21, but they were already 18 years old when I adopted. I’m a little jaded since I’ve done research on the reception system in the last year. This system puts us in failure. (…) They have lived in eighteen different places at eighteen years of age. This is to start a life on a roller coaster. They told me one thing, I discovered another. I imposed, however, real limits,” she added.