Sia : the singer of urine in the full interview,”I have no shame !”

A burning desire, it is control hard ! This is what has been proven to Sia on australian radio, full interview, on August 17, 2020. Interviewed on Nova FM in the show ” Ash, Kip & Luttsy with Susie O’neill about his new musical projects, the singer has simply gone to do a little pee-pee while she was talking to his interlocutors on the phone. And you can’t say that she played the discretion as the flush sounded, thundering and roaring in the background.

She refuses to show her face on stage but modesty is not always required for Sia. “Yes, you’ve heard, and I flushed the toilet, she explained to the presenter was nonplussed. I have no shame. I went to the toilet. But guess what ? Celebrities are people just like everyone else.” Initially, the artist intervened on Nova FM to discuss his upcoming album, including the first extract Together has already been unveiled to the public. May 20, 2020, a video ultra colorful, featuring Maddie Ziegler – as is tradition – and Kate Hudson has been online on Youtube : a sequence after a film, Music directed by Sia, for which she has written ten original tracks.

The beginning of the year charge for the Australian. There is little, Sia explained to the Morning Mash Up that she had adopted two children “too old for foster families” and that she felt for them all the love in the world. Between the ages of 19-year-old today, they are happiness… at several levels, since one of them has become a father. “I am a fucking great mother, announced on Apple Music in the month of June. My youngest son has had two babies. At the time, we can say that I felt horrified. But in fact it’s going to, it’s cool.” The year 2020 is definitely rich in surprises…