Simona Ventura, here are the details on the marriage with John the Third: “we will tell You everything”

Simona Ventura has decided to take the big step: marriage with John the Third. After the first wedding with Stefano Bettarini, the showgirl has found the man with which to go again to the altar. And the reveal is exclusive to the weekly Today, with an interview of the couple. And all the exclusive images of their advance honeymoon in Mauritius…

Simona Ventura, there was she at the super celebration for the 80 years of Today!

It is THE FIRST REAL TRIP TOGETHER – “THE first two days we spent sleeping, but this vacation is really our little corner of Paradise,” says Simona with the shrill voice of one who is happy. It is in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius to be precise, with the boyfriend, John, Thirds, and it is their first real trip together. “We arrived here tired for the job, for the management of our respective tribes of the sons, the thousand things to do and we finally have a little time for us. It is a wonderful holiday came at the right time,” says Simona excited.

It is also a special time for you and John, right?

Simona: “Yes, very special. We are overjoyed to be celebrating our first year of love, and it happens right here in Mauritius with Today, that there is a witness after that, just a year ago, was your director to let us meet at dinner. It is nice to celebrate with you this year, fantastic, intense, full of changes. Being here is the best gift that we could wish for”.

John: “ours was a special meeting, unique. To understand: the day after the famous dinner in which we met again after years, she wrote me a message with the excuse to get me to the congratulations for my book and I do not expected anything else, I was excited. I had experienced something magical inside of me I knew that I would have loved it. In fact, from that moment on we never left and we kissed only a month and a half later because it was almost superfluous, it was a plus that crowned a feeling that was immediately strong. I had yet to kiss her and I already knew that we would not be left. She expected to see.

It is the first exotic travel that you do together?

S. “Is the first ever trip that we do together because we have always done holidays of two to a maximum of three days. We could not move away due to work commitments. There still seems a dream to have a week all to ourselves. Today we’re going to do snorkeling because John never did. Then we’ll begin to play tennis, take long walks and go to the gym. I am a diploma Isef, and I’ll coach. It is nice to have the ability to take care of ourselves in the midst of this wonderful nature”.

It is a sort of honeymoon you have said. Then you have already set the date of the wedding?

S. “No, not yet, we only know that it will be in 2020 and we are both of the idea that is going to happen suddenly. You’ll be the first to know, because you are the witnesses of what is born between me and John.”

G. “it Is true, I can swear that there is a date, which will be in 2020, even if for me it is as if we were married.”

Simona Ventura, you remember when it was so?

Simona you have made the first step towards John after cena galeotta. Who asked who to marry him?

S. “But, I don’t know, maybe it’s better that the stories John”.

G. “I am a real man, I want some of these things: I asked him, I, god forbid! Although to tell the truth after a few days that we were together, a little joking, a little bit no, I started talking about the wedding because I immediately lost the head to Simona. What I feel for you is so important that I want it all: she is the overwhelming love of my life. Has arrived and has placed the order, his presence has placed on my life. I feel that I can do the real man, but, on the other hand, I also feel protected by a strong and generous woman like her”.

John his then was a request with a ring and a phrase of the ritual pronounced at the knee?

G. “No, the ring is still not there but, of course, will come”.

And what you give yourself for the first year together?

S. “we could Not let us gift more beautiful than to be here. At the cost of sounding smielata I want to say that still today, after twelve months together, I wake up every morning and I do not know how life has been able to get me a gift so great. I feel like a lucky woman. After this holiday maybe we will get also a gift but it is not so important, we are happy to spend time together.”

When we talk about wedding or you live together or in the projects there is a house together. At what point are you?

S. “We’ve already found the house in which you dwell. And in very short we will do the move of the century,” laughs Sally. “It will be funny to merge the two homes, but I can’t wait”.

Makes you fear the idea of living together? Is a turning point.

S. “No, on the contrary, I like the idea of being able to attempt to have a life with John. I was not expecting to fall in love again and find the man of my life. I know that there will be moments of adaptation, also for our respective children, but I also know that I can lean on him at 360 degrees because it is my oak. We help each other and we share everything, I don’t think that I will discover sides unreleased. With John we say everything, we speak of our difficulties, of the mutual discomforts, joys, and our needs… I Know that I can rely on him. I’m not saying that everything will be always easy because I have a particular character and, as I always say, have a locomotive with several wagons, but I and John we are allies, we pull on the same side, and the difficulties we face together, we don’t, each in his own world. We will be strong enough to face everything. And then John loves my children and respects them, is a man who unites and that reconciles, that helps us to all be together. Of this I will always be grateful”.

G. “No, I’m not afraid of Simona because she is a woman of a sweetness and a generosity incredible with who loves. I’m not interested in what you choose to put in the house, if my mobile or his, I want to stay together. Are elsewhere at this time: our project is worth more than any critical also because in my head, true love exceeds everything.”

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She is a romantic man of other times John.

G. “Yes! And also Simona in private. Is a woman who gives much love. I am in love with her as he loves his children and his family. Such a woman could not not be special. From you I feel loved in everything and for everything. It is strong, it is intense, it is present, is affectionate…”.

Your children as they have taken your project of marriage?

S. “my three children are happy to see me finally serene, and happy. They know that there is this project but we have not yet spoken face to face with them just because we have not yet organised anything. I start from the fact that my children love to John, and he reciprocates, so our house will be a house inclusive, where each of them will have its own space. The nice thing is that my parents and my sister, even my ex-husband, Stefano, all love you John and this makes it all simple. Every thing is going to other all expectations”. G. “I would like to add that Simona has a wonderful relationship with my children and with my ex-wife. It is important because if we are all good, if the relations are of mutual respect, things run well and everyone can be happy, not only me and Simona. It is important”.

More than a home, then, you will need a castle…

S. “Me and John we really want to prepare a house in which all will be included. My sons are of age and choose for yourself where to stand and for how long, but will have their own room, always. James is back in Italy after two years in London studying theatre and now she will attend a school of acting Italian. Nicholas has just finished work on the Board off ( a spin-off of the programme which retraces the experiences of the protagonists of the last edition, ed) and will have to decide for other projects. Catherine is still small and, of course, will be with us. For me you come true your biggest dream: to have all the people that I love and all in harmony. G. “My son Louis was 26 years old, Julius 10, and they, too, are well with Simona. I don’t see any critical issues on the horizon”.

Simona on social was announced which closes Sunday, Ventura. Are more the joys of personal at this moment…

“Are uninformed, and simply the transmission change title, it will be called next Week and there will be some good news in the format. We have made a point and a half more time of listening, we are growing slowly, as each new program. Among other things, the transmission is always to stop when there is no championship, this is not news. And then the fake news does not affect me in the slightest. It’s all good and by the 24 November we will meet again on Rai 2. Are satisfied with the job because in these days came out in all my new book Code Ventura, dedicated to the 80. I deal with all the themes, from friendship to love, are seen through the 80’s and my experiences”.

Now that you know, well, what do you love in particular, one of the other?

S. “I of John I love the ability to protect myself, and his be inclusive with my whole family. I love her not to be afraid of who I am and who I represent. And then he is a person hot, cozy, sweet, I know I can trust. I was certain that I would be more successful to trust and, instead, it came to him. With John I can be myself, the greatest gift that can make me every day. And then we have the same objectives and we have experienced similar difficulties, we understand each other”.

G. “I love Simona because in addition to being beautiful to me is faithfulness and reliability. The public sees her as the woman of the show, in reality she is a woman of other times. I am in love with her as he loves all of his children: a woman knows how to love deeply. I immediately felt, I was not wrong”.

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