Smaïn talks about his journey through the desert : “Be rejected, it’s painful”

At the age of 62 Smaïn revives the scene with his ninth show called DNA. As indicated in the title of his single-en-scene, he speaks of him, of his origins, his family, and especially her adoptive parents. Le Parisien interviewed him and, for the newspaper, Smaïn has raised its discretion in recent years.

To share in the Mask Singer in 2019, it is never seen on screen, and his latest one-man show, My last… before the next date of 2013. Yet, the comedian and actor has not been idle. “I’ve never stopped working. Since my first scene in February 1980 to today, I never stopped. I’m not a comedian, I do a lot of other things. I have written stories for children, that I tell on stage with a philharmonic orchestra and choirs of children. I love it. I also did an album of songs with Michel Legrand, the Offence of F-sharp. Today, the writing interests me more. I want to create, continue to invent. I became a dad too, three times. And I’m about to launch myself into writing my first piece of theatre”, he explains. With Sid, Smaïn has two children : Rayan (20 years) and Shanaël (12 years). He is also the father of Kenza (25 years), born of a first relationship.

Sexagenarian very active, Smaïn recognizes that it is not easy not to be on the front of the stage : “This is a profession in which it is necessary to have a good back. In all careers, there are, at the moment, a crossing of the desert. The absolute success, without fault, it is a decoy. Be rejected, it is painful, but also beneficial. I became someone else, a dad, a man responsible with injuries, like everyone else. The fear of being forgotten is there, and it is almost fear and panic, but I’ve always had good management of my life, without falling into excess.”

Back with his new show, this jack-of-all announces that it has “more things to say”. He adds : “in The current context, withdrawal, and communitarianism, all of these young people in the streets to denounce racism, it touches me. I had a sense of shame in the 20 years that I did more today and I can finally talk about my story. That of a boy of Constantine, an orphan, who has done all this journey to dream his profession, realize it.”