Sofiane (the angels) ex of nabilla: “I am the first to put on her”

Sofiane (the angels) ex of nabilla:

Nine years after their lightning blow in the angels (2012,) sofiane tadjine is still questioned about the couple formed with nabilla. During an interview given to the channel youtube zoneoff, sofiane made the point on his relationship with nabilla, implying that everything was done so that love stories were born on the shooting of the angels. “with nabilla there was a crush.

But at the same time, everything is done so that there are crushes. The title is still in memory today, after having met a mad and unlikely success at the time of its release. We love or we don’t like it, he’s carted the piece.

You can imagine with nabilla. I post it on youtube, in two or three days we make 2 million views,” is still amazing today sofiane. If he decided to “go to the bottom” with the song, the singer regretted that his career took this turn.

But with time, and by taking a sum of around 100 000 euros, sofiane finally came to the idea. I’m not going to apologize, on the contrary, it’s something that brought me back from the sub, buzz. I realized that I had a nose too as they say because I’m the first to put on her,” he concluded on the subject.