Soprano in mourning : Death of his father, suspicion of coronavirus

According to several media comoriens, the father of the singer Soprano died in the night from Saturday to Sunday at the hospital of Samba-Kouni in the Grande-Comore. Omar Me Roumababa was hospitalized for several days because of a suspicion of coronavirus, which has not yet been confirmed. Affected by other chronic diseases, he was to be transferred to an establishment in a Meeting, but his condition was not allowed.

After Imaz Press, Soprano was already gone since the 2nd of last may to join his father, he had landed at the Meeting to join the Comoros. Accompanied by his sister, his manager, a nephew and a niece, the rapper from marseille 41-year-old would have borrowed a private plane.

Soprano has not yet confirmed this sad news. On the 30th of April last, the president of the Comoros announced the first documented case of Covid-19 in the country, with now three confirmed cases.

Omar Me Roumababa was comorian muslim old man to do it all on oil. In an interview with the JDD in 2019, Soprano told the times he had to listen to one of his texts to his father. “When I was 20 years old, in the bottom of my bar HLM, my texts were no longer hard. I remember my father, on the day I made her listen to one of my first titles, The Sound of the bandits. It was in 2002. He chewed my ass severely : ‘What, you’re a villain, you ? You believe that I left my country for you to say to the whole of France that you’re a bandit ?'”, had told the artist.