Speaks Filippo Magnini: “Giorgia Palmas heard me crying in the bed, he supported me… which was fundamental”

Filippo Magnini says in an exclusive interview with the weekly Today, on newsstands the odyssey of a wrongly accused for doping. And his girlfriend Giorgia Palmas says: “I felt to cry in the bed, he supported me… which was fundamental” PRIVATE |

Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini, the marriage is postponed to the coronavirus –

“WE will SOON be HUSBAND AND WIFE” – “as soon as I got to know her I realized that it could be the right person and I immediately said that I was happening. I knew that would be a terrible time… I have broad shoulders, but who loves you what can she do? What they could do to my mother was, or my father who felt helpless, Giorgia, who was aware that I tossed and turned in bed, or that I cried? … She has supported me, has been the only addition to my lawyers, to read and follow all. I think that is one of the most intelligent people I know, and I can say that I have always only given advice correct. Everything I said has proved to be useful and just below the profile of the process; and then the closeness, the love, the trust, are not and never have been lacking and have given me strength.” And adds: “Between us is all to easy, spontaneous, and we are bound by a strong complicity and a love that makes everything easier. This leads us to be still and see us in the future forever. I hope soon also as husband and wife”.

Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini are already in the extended family –

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!P!Oggi!IS!0020.2020!N!20 COVER DIANA!E!.pdf“FAMILY comes FIRST” – To the question on what are his values, he answers: “family, first of all: the one with Giorgia and Sofi (the daughter of Giorgia Palmas, ndr), maybe with a child of our own, and with their families of origin. And then the respect.” On how he changed the odyssey of years to prove he was a swimmer clean says: “The experience has made me understand who loves me, who I is, and I will be close always. And also how it can be fake at times, a certain type of environment for which you can become a simple number… The federation I have always been close, however do you realize that in the end you’re alone. It is easy to put a like, but who fought for me really in these three years? Definitely mine, Giorgia, my coach Claudio Rossetto and the few friends that I consider such. All the rest are the numbers that you noted in the cell phone.”

Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini, the kisses are overwhelming –