Speaks Gianluca Vacchi: “In November, I and Sharon Fonseca will be parents… but that’s the (sweet) effort to conquer it!”

Gianluca Vacchi is his first confessions from the future dad. And while public on social the photos (and the video of the ballet) with Sharon Fonseca pregnant , tells the story of how he courted PRIVATE

Sharon Fonseca, pregnant Gianluca Vacchi, proudly displays her stretch marks: and if she also has her…

“MY FIGIO IMMEDIATELY ON the SOCIAL” – “IN November I became a dad: I don’t want to reveal the sex, but definitely my son or daughter to be social, because I have always shared my life with my audience,” says Mister Enjoy in The Interview, the live Instagram of the Corriere della sera. And in fact, Vacchi his social has no filters! – ALL ABOUT HIM

Gianluca Vacchi, and Sharon Fonseca live in a super villa in Bologna, which… –

“LETTERS AND FLOWERS” – The trick to being a good couple, explains on Instagram by posting the last video with belly of Sharon in the beautiful views , is to have fun together. “Sharon has all the features that I was looking for in a woman, she is the right person and I feel really lucky. I conquered slowly, it took me more than six months, I did suffer in a good way, and rightly so. Today, the first message they exchange is in the direct, then it goes to the photo was sexual in nature,which, however, does not give the right dignity to the courtship and the female figure, and has no understanding of the maturation of the feelings of passion. I prefer to write letters, many times I prefer to postpone an appointment, rather than to do it, and I prefer to send flowers rather than give things striking. Here, seduction is the example of how not you can skip important steps in order to build projects of lasting

Gianluca Vacchi, and the baby girlfriend Sharon Fonseca: two years of love and passion –

“FROM MY BOAT I MAKE EVERYONE DANCE!” – About the projects: in the latest etsate before becoming a dad, the entrepreneur, dj has an idea in mind, of course … dancer: “I will Give life to a disco with my small fleet of boats: I will spend my holidays in Sardinia, where every morning I will say to my audience, to the bay where I go to party and all, if they wish, they can combine with their own boats, dinghies and speedboats”.

Gianluca Vacchi, the dance “rubbed” with the baby-girlfriend (and not only her…) crazy fans