Speaks matilda de angelis: Family, naked scenes, boyfriend. – exclusive

Speaks matilda de angelis: Family, naked scenes, boyfriend. - exclusive

The family of humble origins. The scenes of integral nude. The actress of the moment tells everything about herself in this interview (with exclusive photos) to the weekly today.

Love included…matilda de angelis recounts everything in this exclusive interview to the weekly today. From the family of humble origins to the career (also international) born by chance and thanks to a kiss with nicole kidman, from the scenes of integral nude to sanremo. Explosive talent, a tough character and unnegotiable sincerity, interprets a cauliflower in the mega production of rai 1 leonardo.

His first cover on today, and there is to believe not the last one, is the opportunity to exchange a chat in freedom (word she loves so much. ) How does your character come? «It is inspired by a preparatory draft of leonardo da Vinci, the scapigliata, and some letters were found in which it was requested as a model.

However, there are no historical elements or portraits that can be traced back to the cremona. So the screenwriters built us on a character of pure fiction. However, the name of the artist’s mother is also the case.

This figure symbolically encloses the female figures who have been part of his life”. Is restless, indomitable as well as very snappy. The part looks cut to size for her.

“I like the femininity in the series, I see myself. Matilda de angelis promoted to full vows to sanremo – lookhe said: «Leonardo is the gay friend I would like to have». (laughs) “Mah, I have so many homosexual friends, I only attend them.

No, I’d say I’m good.” Father punk, mother of Fricchettona, the van with which he shot Europe thanks to his band rumba de bodas. “I was struggling with myself and with no one else, I was changing and I finally found a creative and non-destructive vent valve, an attitude that was mine in adolescence.

My parents also taught me freedom in a broad sense. Those who live most adolescents, more or less important inconveniences, more or less explicit. Matilda de angelis, the actress of the moment is also a top musician – lookI read that she suffered from anorexia.

I had a very slimming period, 9 pounds in two months, and I ate very little. It was my response to other inconveniences that caused food disorders. “A friend of mine who helped casting as fast as the wind, a film with a stefano noticed, made my name and presented some of my photos.

He thought I was upset while I sing I could be in front of the camera too. My mom had to convince me because, once I chose, I didn’t want to go. She saw us an opportunity to change my life and also our lives.

Useless romance: when you come from a very humble family like mine and work falls into your head, you do it also for money”. Will you explain what is the syndrome of the impostor, which often quotes? “It is the one that always feels unworthy of what happens.

For as fast as the wind I had been chosen among many without having done a school of acting, without having studied. Then, over time, you do it in four, you believe and you understand that no one has ever given you anything in life.” He could not double in Italian only because he was engaged on another set.

Is often compared to actress jennifer lawrence, as she does. “I think you can’t pretend to be what you’re not. I consider it an extraordinary talent and when I started following her in interviews, I said: I would respond the same way!

We are both a little bit skewered and I would love to have her as a friend. She exploded with the undoing, alongside nicole kidman and hug Grant… «I would say more with Sanremo». They asked her all and maybe she got tired of it: how was Nicole kidman kissing?

«Let us know: I am super proud to have done it, it is something that gives me a huge pleasure. If I get tired of the question is because I would like to tell you more. I don’t want everything to be reduced to the fact that I kissed an actress”.

But now she only kisses her boyfriend: the rapper nayt, at the William midnight century, with which our photographer surprised him at the bourgeois villa. “I was very impressed by his talent and I pray that I do not listen so much rap, especially Italian. But with him I realized that talent goes beyond what it likes.

My brother Tobias (also actor, they acted together in everything can happen, ed.) After the lockdown we saw ourselves in rome because I would never talk about my feelings on social media. Matilda is no longer free, let’s tell her many fans!

After the end of his story with the actor andrea archangels, she declared: “I dream of being with a baker so as not to always talk about work”. However, I repeat, I must meet the baker at the bakery, not on social”. In more than one movie she shot naked scenes.

Nudity itself means nothing if it is not aimed at an emotion. That of a girl who prostitutes herself on the web, as my character in youtopia, is a also tragic nudity, there is nothing erotic. I accept scenes of naked only if functional to the story”.

“It was an acting coach who helped me work on that aspect. Despite the paranoids, I’ve always been at peace with my naked body. An account is to stand naked in front of a person, another to do it on a set with the idea that then will look at you in many.

Coach made me stand naked in front of the rest of the class.” Is that your spavalderia that made you post a photo on instagram with the face attacked by the pimples? “On the contrary, I wanted to hear myself say that I was good too.

We actors must always be at the top because otherwise we are judged. I was going through a period of great insecurity because having the face so inflamed is reason for total discomfort. And the more you go after it, the more it becomes paranoia, afraid to show yourself without makeup, avoid certain types of light.

So I did that gesture in a way that was also unconcerned. I wanted to say that certain socially disbanded models create a tension to achieve unrealizable goals”. Just some scars I’m proud of because I’m the story of my battle.

Everyone tells me I have a doll face, but it’s not like that.” Well, you’d give yourself to cosmetic surgery like nicole kidman did? She’s a beautiful human being and she can do what she wants for me.

But I’m even tired of taking a fur off my eyebrows, I’ve got the phobia of everything that changes my face and I’m tired of ripping. But various makeup machines told me that I will grow up well because I have high cheekbones. To the maximum, to pull me, I will put two elastic behind the ears!».

And in the same way the children: I am not my dream because now I do not want them. If in a couple of years I will want them, they will become my dream”. She just finished turning from the river and between the trees, with liev schreiber, now she is on the set of robbing mussolini.

How does he stay with his feet on the ground? I think that every time is the new starting point. I have the same friends in high school, the usual ten who always bring me back to reality by kicking in the butt, if they need.

My father is so strict that he goes to waste negative comments, they can’t all speak well of Matilda!». Take a look at me: why this name so beautiful as unusual? “In 1995 my parents went to the cinema to see léon of luc besson.

My mother was pregnant and she was enchanted by the heroine played by natalie portman. He said, “My daughter must be as hot as she is.”