Speaks Raimondo Todaro, the star of Dancing with the Stars: “So is the sinking of the marriage with Francesca Touches”

Raimondo Todaro, the dancer star of Dancing with the Stars is speaking out for the first time of his marriage with Francesca Touches. A love that it seemed like a fairy tale. And that is shipwrecked. As he explains himself in an exclusive interview with the weekly Today on newsstands: “Between me and Francesca”, ensures, “no treason” PRIVATE

Barbara d’urso dinner with Giovanni Ciacci and Raimondo Todaro… that the legs scream!

“THE PASSION” – “I Believe that we are one of the few pairs that are not left to treachery, it was one thing that was off slowly, in a natural way”. The dancer Raimondo Todaro, star of “Dancing with the stars”, speaks for the first time of his marriage with colleague Francesca Touches. It does this with an exclusive interview to Today on the newsstand.

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They HAVE A CHILD SIX-YEARS – Married in 2014-and the parents of a little girl of 6 years, they broke up and according to the gossip would be the fault of the alleged betrayal of her (with the dancer Friends Valentin Dumitru). John Ciacci, that the interview for Today, Todaro confides: “there Remains a great affection and in high esteem, but there was that tingling in my stomach and I felt it once… We are in relationships good: she is a pure, I hope you will be happy because he deserves it. And I hope you find all the best in the world, that perhaps I have not been able I to give”.

Raimondo Todaro partner of Giovanni Ciacci to Dancing… among the controversies

The full interview is on Today at the newsstand