Speaks to Claudio Lippi : “I, the absent father, I have regained my daughter Federica. And now they are also a super grandpa!”

Claudio Lippi, 74 years, co-conductor of the Test of the cook with Elisa Isoardi, first opened his heart to the present day: posing exclusively for us with his daughter Federica, 31 years old, and niece, Mya, Summer, and 7, and tells us about his troubled fatherhood: “As a dad, in the past, I have not been that good, I am recovering now. And I became a grandfather super”-

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IT IS re-introduced TO his WIFE KERIMA – “I lost a piece of life Federica,” explains the conductor. “When she was six years old, I am separated from his mother Kerima and I got distracted, so to speak. At the time I was working a lot, and we saw ourselves a little, I skipped that phase. Luckily his mum was an absolute star, he has made it also from dad, with the benefit of hindsight I can say that I sfangata”. Life is strange. How to say ace of base, some love make turns huge, and then return. And so Claudio and his wife, Kerima, after six years, are brought together, and then get back together. And Claudio has sealed the relationship with Federica. “Dad is attentive, tender and even a little pain in the ass, with his maniacal order, intervene Federica. “At this moment we all live together and he is a grandfather crazy: every morning at 7 and a half point it is he who prepares the breakfast Mya”. “I ask the princess if you prefer toast, bread or cereal,” says grandfather Lippi. “I take care of his French bulldog, Ice, and I put myself well as watching his favorite cartoon, Curious George: the main character is a monkey who doesn’t speak, just makes verses, a real pain in the ass to tell the truth”. From dad neglected at home perfect. “I am living in a dimension unknown to me,” says the conductor. “Once I thought that I would never be able to live in the chaos of a family, now I can’t live without it.”

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A TORMENTED HISTORY – Federica, who studied design and worked as a teacher of English, is a single mom, with a troubled history behind it (but has now found a new love, he confides). “Dad has helped me so much”, he says. “With the father of Mya, the situation was terrifying, I was really happy about it with him because I needed a masculine point of view. But most of all, when I was pregnant, accompanied me everywhere”. “To me, I was dragging behind a pachyderm, ‘” joked him. Pregnancy has taken 40 pounds, I remember that I do the exams at the Twins, there was a salitina that there seemed to be the Everest!”. But Federica has suffered the dad’s absence during those crucial years? “Not me, has ever said, but yes, the lack of the father figure,” says Claudio. “But Kerima was an absolute star, has never spoken evil of me, on the contrary, he said many beautiful things on my mind that perhaps I even deserved it. It is not grown with resentment.”

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“At SANREMO CANTEREI MODUGNO” – Found family harmony, Claudio is full of energy also on the job. “I have so many projects,” he says. “And some dream. Sanremo, for example. This Amadeus, I feel, will be a beautiful Festival. I started my career as a musician: I’d like to participate as a guest and sing a song of Domenico Modugno. And, why not, it would be nice to lead the Dopofestival, maybe in pajamas, from the hotel room”.

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