Special Forces, The experience (M6) : Why this issue takes guts

August 4, 2020, M6 launches special Forces : The experience in prime time. A program that offers to civilians diving in behind the scenes of the selection of the special Forces, units of the elite of the French army. Shot as a documentary, this new program is both entertaining, addictive and interesting.

Immersion…. special Forces

The concept : 25 candidates (22 men and 3 women) find themselves in the actual conditions of the selection methods of the special Forces. In a former military base located in the Aisne, and during nine days, to the best of them, the civilians will have to meet the challenges of the internship thought by four instructors, former members of the special Forces. They are there to gauge their level of physical fitness and measure their mental strength. It is them who decide if the volunteers have the qualities required to continue the selection.

Obstacle course, test the Asparagus is to throw himself into the void from a height of 15 meters to catch a asparagus (gutter to the vertical), trek for four hours in the forest with a bag of 45 kg on the back, observation mission of night, search for information, on an undercover mission (with 25 kilometers to go in twenty-four hours with test of resistance to the capture)… each of these events is part of the special Forces training. A way to discover the reality of the selections.

Instructors who have lived

They are four and they are not there to laugh. Ryan, the chief instructor is 52 years old. He has spent twenty-five years in the special Forces and has been group leader of an SAS (Stick Special Action), instructor, sniper specialized, high-precision and anti-terrorism.

Victor, 51 years old, has spent ten years in the special Forces and eighteen years in the paratroopers. He is a specialist in close protection.

Bije, 47 years old, has spent her ten years in the special Forces, seven years in the regular as a sports instructor and four years as a trainer commando. He is specialized in close protection of high authority and specialist of sports of combat.

And there is a Crao, 47-year-old, who has spent seventeen years in the special Forces. It is specialized in counter-terrorism, and chuteur operational.

Immersion in a reality, but not reality tv

If on paper, this program may make one think of attention or The Sense of effort, and emissions made by Marius, who was part of the commandos marine, special Forces : The experience is not a reality television show. The candidates are anonymous who want to surpass themselves or to prove something, and the way in which the programme is produced is similar to a documentary. Moreover, in order to limit the contact of the participants with the technical teams and make them forget about the aspect of tv experience, many sequences are shot through fixed cameras. The result, therefore, is the issue of immersion which makes the experience very addictive.