Star Academy rigged ? Magalie Vaé : “It’s like in reality”

This is already seven years that the castle of the Star Academy has closed its doors. Yet, the show is always so much to talk about today. Last February, Georges-Alain Jones had assured him during an interview in Paris that the famous talent show was rigged. Statements on which the winner of the season 5 Magalie Vaé is returned during an interview for Non Stop People.

According to the singer of 33 years, it would have been difficult for the production to rig the votes : “to Rig the votes by telephone, it is very complicated. There’s even a bailiff. If the votes were really rigged, I don’t think I would have won because I wasn’t the favorite,” said Magalie Vaé. She admits, however, from our colleagues that the prod’ could doubtless influence the votes of viewers : “After that, it’s like in all reality tv, from the moment there is a contest, there are images that pass and some of the images may encourage candidates and not others, it is more in that sense. (…) I don’t know for all the Star Ac, because I did not quite follow, but I know that, for me, a week ago when I was there, where I have no view at all, even my parents did not know what I was going to sing at a premium, so there it is.”

Recall that Georges-Alain had confided, “I discovered that it is me and Emma Daumas, who had to go to the final. It was decided even before the show ! I flipped out and the producers have organized my elimination in the semi-final, because I threatened to any swing. My problem is that I was older than the other candidates and that I had understood the inner workings.” Of about quickly refuted by Alexia Laroche-Joubert, a former producer of the Star Academy, or by former candidates such as Jean-Pascal Lacoste or Sofiane.

For his part, the former teacher of theatrical expression based Raphaëlle Ricci was explained on the occasion of a live with former that, if the production had indeed rigged the votes, “it was jolly well done”. “There may have been things… I had become friends with the ushers, I was very curious, I asked questions… I wanted to know how this happened. Honestly, I’ve never really been able to know clearly. In any case, not on the first season”, she had, however, qualify.