Steevy boulay, his difficult coming-out to his father: “I had very much fear”

Steevy boulay, his difficult coming-out to his father:

Since the 20 years of loft story celebrated on C8 last April, steevy boulay made a remarked comeback on the media scene. M6’s former candidate in 2001 even became a columnist for not touching my C8 position and chaining interviews. This Thursday, May 6, 2021, he is also the guest of evelyne thomas on non stop people to take stock of his journey.

The animator also referred to his homosexuality, of which he had not been aware at a young age. I looked for myself for a very long time, about 21 years old, and I said, ‘This time I’m gay, that’s for sure‘. Steevy boulay also put time to come out to his parents, despite having “setched him several times” about it.

The fault probably to the great apprehension he had to talk to his father, daniel. And for cause, the former lofter was “traumatised by a sentence” of the latter when he was a child. My father was in bed, with my little sister, and I was lying, head in front of TV.

And there’s my father telling me that, I was seven years old: ‘If one day you tell me that you’re gone, I’ll give you one in the mouth.’ It was the scene can be the most painful,” steevy boulay said. “he has everything to be welcomed my companion from the time,” said the accomplice of laurent ruquier.

The father of steevy boulay is unfortunately now dead, from a series of cancers fulgurating with tongue and mouth. The chronicler has been spreading on his side in a serious relationship with a man for two years now.