Steevy boulay without filtering on the loft: it reveals the “most shameful” thing he did

Steevy boulay without filtering on the loft: it reveals the

On April 8th, Bennjamin castaldi hosted a live show on C8 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first loft story season. Since then, the host no longer seems to want to leave the former candidates that he has taken a lot of pleasure to find. This week, he also agreed to participate with some of them at a almost perfect dinner (w9,) namely steevy boulay, fabrice belguin and the couple julie and christophe.

In the episode of Tuesday, April 13, 2021, the time was at the revelations. Indeed, to spice up the evening, benjamin castaldi began to ask questions that still cross the mind of some fans of the cult show of the 2000s. To push ex-Lofteurs to make unexpected revelations, including steevy boulay.

The one who recently became a columnist in the step of my post agreed to entrust himself to “the thing he had most shamed” in the M6 program. And the question of why he was using a sock, he explained with the same honesty: “Well after I took and wiped everything.” “So it’s a secret he’s been able to keep for twenty years, and then everyone’s gonna be aware of it,” commented behind the scenes fabrice beguin.

During this evening, it was julie who also remembered a little glamorous anecdote. And for benjamin castaldi to oversecur: “deep, yes. And we had plans where you got something going like that.

It’s impossible to tell everything we’ve seen in this house, because it’s not good!”