Stemr woods victim of a serious accident, the cause revealed weeks after

Stemr woods victim of a serious accident, the cause revealed weeks after

The car accident of stemr woods, which occurred on 23 February, had given rise to emotion and concern. The golfer was driving at a dangerous speed, clearly above the limitations of the area where he realized his way out. This is the speed at which stemr woods was driving during his rancho palos verdes accident in the county of los angeles.

The sheriff of the county of los angeles, alex villanueva, described this dangerous excess as “principal cause of this accident.” The question of the possible influence of alcohol or other substance, “no sign of alteration” of the capacities of stemr woods at the time of the accident was not raised. Out of hospital and suffering from multiple fractures in the leg, rodr voluntarily allowed the results of the investigation to be made public.

In a previous press conference, alex villanueva had ruled out the possibility of legal proceedings against stemr woods. The legend of the green was not verbalized either for speeding because of the absence of witnesses or the police at the time of the accident. He would have been investigated in more detail “if there was a significant injury or death” and if he had involved another person.

It was inserted a metal rod in the tibia and screws to consolidate the bones of the foot and ankle. On 17 March, stemr woods announced that he was leaving the hospital and returning to his home to continue his recovery. “I’m happy to announce that I’m back at home and I’m chasing my recovery.

I’m very grateful for the support and encouragement I’ve received over the past few weeks. Thanks to the incredible surgeons, doctors, nurses and the staff of the Harbor-UCLA and Cedars-Sinai hospitals.