Stéphane bern evokes her “mother castratrice”: “I was beaten”

Stéphane bern evokes her

This Monday 29 March 2021, stéphane bern presents a new issue of history secrets on france 3. This time, the host is interested in the queen of the Middle Ages, aquitain alyor, described as the first woman of power in the history of france. Stephane bern knows about it as women of power since he was raised by one of them, his mother was melita, who disappeared in 1992.

It was in 2018 that stéphane bern spoke of his complicated relationship with the latter in the show the couch of Marc-Olivier fogiel. The feru of history had remembered a childhood marked by the strokes of the martinet and a lack of tenderness. “I was beaten, but I deserved my slaps.

According to him, stéphane bern never managed to match his great brother, who met his mother’s expectations. I remember, I was going to throw myself into my mother’s arms, and she said to me, ‘oh, listen, stephane, no shaking!’ And you do everything to deserve your mother’s love.

You try to do well, except you, it succeeds less than your brother, so, necessarily, you don’t have hugs.’ The gap went a little further when stéphane bern recognized his homosexuality. A big problem for his mother with whom he never really could discuss.

“It was impossible to tell my mother about it. She said to me – I think she didn’t think so, I hope – that she preferred to see me dead rather than Homo.” Stéphane bern is therefore now certain that his mother’s education has had consequences on her sentimental life.

She’s such a castrating mother that it cuts her off. A mother so powerful, so bright, but who ate her children. I was too inferred to her, I wanted her to look at me, talk to me, love me.”

Nevertheless, the host explains that he has always “heard of apologies” to his mother’s behavior, even recognizing him many qualities. (…) she was the intelligence made woman, remarkably cultivated, she awakened me to many things, all that stirred the mind was valued.