Stéphane Plaza unveils his “new career” : his post very surprising

Stéphane Plaza has not finished to surprise us. In addition to finding nests cosy with a good number of French people, but also to his famous friends, he continues to impose on the M6 as the facilitator. Become unavoidable, the most famous of the real estate agents would now be approached from all sides, and sometimes in environments that are unlikely to occur.

This is what he has done know Wednesday, July 29, 2020 on Instagram. The accomplice of Karine Le Marchand has announced that it wants to embark on a new project with a star from the 80’s, Fab Morvan, ex-member of the band Milli Vanilli. “Girl you know it’s true… It tells you something ? He is well housed, did not wish to move, and yet it appealed to me, but why ? FOR THE MUSIC ! So great news, a new duo is preparing. Milli Vanilli & Stéphane Plaza, Fab & Steph, in a tube of rock, it is left for a new career guys. Like a scent of rebirth. I have the guitar that itches, the vocal cords slam, the leather jacket creaking, and the golden buzzer that scratching… ‘I believe in it as to the earth, I believe in it as in the sun, I believe in it as a child, as one can believe in the sky’ – Johnny Hallyday'”, a caption under a photo of him, and the artiste today 54 years old. So, joke or true ambition in music ? In view of the multitude of hashtags that accompanied its publication, there is no doubt that Stéphane Plaza is once again played in her community. His announcement fun, in any case, a lot of laughs on the internet since they were about 5 000 to like his post.

In addition, this was an opportunity to immerse themselves in the history of Milli Vanilli, the famous duo who went from glory to shame in no time. At the time, then that Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus (who died in 1998) are at the top of their career, selling a total of 30 million records around the world, it has been argued that they were, in fact, not of their own recorded voices. Result, the group has to face the disenchantment of the public as well as in a judicial proceeding in the United States. They were then become the laughing stock of the music community.