Stéphanie Clerbois pregnant and bed-ridden : big scare at the beginning of her pregnancy

The approach to the launch of the new season of Moms and Famous, Stéphanie Clerbois has agreed to grant an interview to The former candidate of Secret Story, which has become influenceuse, we have in particular talked about her second pregnancy, five years after having given birth to her first child, Lyam. It is a “baby surprise” that she is expecting with her ex, Eric, father of Lyam also, with which she tries to give a chance to their story. Between the first quarter of a very complicated pregnancy, his techniques for keeping the secret and how she plans for the baby’s arrival, Stephanie tells us all !

How is going your pregnancy ?

The first three months were pretty catastrophic, I was pretty sick, I was very much lying, fortunately, there was confinement because I couldn’t do anything. But otherwise, no worries, I’m pretty chill. The weight, it is true that I eat a little more than Lyam, but since I’ve been sick, I have time to catch me.

You have had an abruption of the placenta at the beginning of your pregnancy. How have you lived ? It makes you fear for the future ?

I had a small abruption of the placenta at the beginning of my pregnancy so it is true that there I was afraid, I took it seriously so I’m really stuck lying for two weeks without moving from my bed, and then it is delivered properly. I have nothing more, but it is true that now I can worry about the slightest thing, I am very careful and I am much more cautious. I stopped the sport, but it is as for Lyam finally. My nine months of pregnancy, I do really like a nice break. This is something that not bothers me not, I’m happy that this is for food, to stop the sport, to be more cool, I don’t want to put me the pressure.

This was not too difficult to hide this pregnancy ?

It was very complicated because the bidou is released much faster than Lyam, so after the third month, my belly was flipping out. For my snaps, and everything I did, every time, I coupais at the level of my chest. But I was so sick at first that I never posted nothing, I was too white, it was horrible. I didn’t want to let me take a picture, be on the networks… I was really very ill, it gave me limit feel like crying. In addition, I was doing a voltage drop across where I was going, so it was pretty difficult to hide this time.

You arrange already with Eric for after the baby is born ?

Not at all (laughs). Me, level pregnancy already I’m pretty peace and love, each thing in its time, I did not rush anything. I’ve already had my experience with Lyam, so I take my time, I am enjoying my pregnancy.

Are you going to reveal the face of your baby on social networks ?

The sex of the baby, it is sure that I will inform my community, I think that anyway at a given time it will and I prefer to announce myself. And compared to the baby’s face… With Lyam, from a certain month, it was automatically me who was taking pictures, I was a young mother, proud of her little baby, I put it on the networks, etc, And there, I think it will be I feel like. I do not say categorically, neither yes, categorically. At the beginning of any way, when they are toddlers and they come to be born, I am perhaps not one who will immediately post a picture of the face, but, as soon as the feel, yes, why not.

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