Steve Bing has left goodbye letters to her children before committing suicide

According to the information Billy Bush, dated Sunday, June 28, 2020, Steve Bing would have left the words to her two children, Damian Hurley (18 years) and Kira Kerkorian (21 years old) before killing himself. The american journalist, at the head of the famous show Access Hollywood, explained that the writer had left a note for each of his children” just before his suicide, which occurred Monday, June 22, 2020.

“I have friends who were very good friends with him. It was a depression with a big D. The case of the coronavirus has clearly been a factor. It was messed up. Another source told me that he was very depressed. His close friends were shocked of his death. Sources have told Extra that he was bipolar”, lists Billy Bush on his show.

“He was a man recluse, and it is installed in one of the buildings the most popular of Beverly Hills, where there were the most people, with rappers and all. He had money problems,” says the american journalist. The guardian of this luxury building would have found these notes when Steve Bing has voluntarily fallen from the 27th floor of the building. He would have then transmitted to the Los Angeles police department. Damian and Kira, the two children of the millionaire, deceased, may well inherit a fortune of $ 480 million.

Elizabeth Hurley, the mother of Damian, had already refused a sum of money proposed by Steve Bing in 2002. Since then, the two former had become more close. She had even called for the 18th birthday of their son, a month ago.

Kira, for his part, was born out of the relationship of his father with the tenniswoman Lisa Bonder.