Strong disappointment in the music industry for the Decree: “the Forgotten industry, and record stores”

The Decree of the Relaunch has not satisfied everyone. It was difficult to find unanimity, but with respect to the provisions for the Music, something more could be done. They tell us the main associations of the sector, those who a few weeks ago they had made 10 proposals to the Government to save a world on its knees. Of those proposals, some were accepted, as they had confirmed the signatories to those proposals, today, however, a few hours after the signature of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella on the Decree Relaunch, challenge some of the shortcomings of the important provisions that are important to the segment of music.

Forget the record industry

AMEN, AFI, FEM, FIMI, PMI, expressing “strong disappointment at the absence of specific interventions , such as those reserved to the cinema and book publishing” with a note in which highlight deficiencies in the field of music and Cultural in general. One of the main criticisms concerns the Fund for emergencies, enterprises and cultural institutions” financed by € 210 million, for the supply chain of the publishing industry, libraries, museums, and other institutions and places of culture, but that does not take into account the music industry. The associations accuse the Minister of cultural heritage and activities and tourism promises miss it: “The recording industry and music publishers are an important part of the industry and play a fundamental work of research and development of new artists. The Government has intervened to protect the industry of the live performance, severely damaged by the lockdown, but it is completely forgotten and the industry that produces the content, without which there would not even performing”.

The problem of record shops

In short, the Government would not take account of those who produce the content, which is one of the segments which can give you a little bit of air to a sector that has been crippled from the outset, in view of the impossibility of the gathering and everything that is obtained from the stop of the live (and instore, for example): “independent Labels and small publishers at risk of closure in a few months, without the intervention of the protection. The stores are likely to disappear in a few weeks,” reads the note, in which it is hoped that some of the provisions are remedied in the Parliament: “The sector in the course of the last two months has seen declines in revenue at around 70% in the sales of discs, and drops even higher for the collection of copyright and related rights. It is unacceptable that we can forget about this fundamental area of cultural production of the Country.”