Suicide of Steve Bing : Who will inherit his huge fortune ?

The suicide of Steve Bing, that occurred Monday 22 June 2020, has aroused an intense emotion. His ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley and son Damian to him of moving tributes. The legacy of the deceased multimillionaire could wake up to a family conflict…

This dispute was initiated by the father of Steve Bing, Peter Bing. The doctor had, in effect, created a trust fund for his heirs which he wished, however, to exclude the two children of his son, Damian Hurley (born of his relationship with Elizabeth Hurley) and Kira Kerkorian (the fruit of a liaison with former tennis player Lisa Bonder, at the time married to the billionaire Kirk Kerkorian). To note that Steve had initially denied the paternity of these two children and that he had for this been subjected to tests, the results of which were positive. According to the Daily Mail, Peter Bing wrote in a statement under oath that he “does not see Damian, and Kira as [s]he children’s children.” Elizabeth Hurley and the late Steve Bing were opposed to the wishes of Peter Bing and had obtained gain of cause.

As well, Damian and Kira remain potential heirs of units of the fund, estimated at nearly € 430 million.

His fortune, Steve Bing had inherited from his grandfather. Leo Bing had become rich in real estate, in founding the agency Bing & Bing in New York, with his brother Alexander. Leo Bing had bequeathed the sum of 600 million dollars to his grandson Steve for his 18 years, in 1983. The current amount of his fortune is unknown. Relatives have confided to the Daily Mail that he had made bad investments, suggesting that it has declined.

The other unknown is the identity of the heirs of this money. It is not known if Steve Bing has made a will. The law of the State of California, where he lived and where he killed himself, decreed that the living children inherit in the absence of a will.

Steve Bing was killed by being thrown through the window of his apartment on the 27th floor of an upmarket building in the neighborhood of Century City, in Los Angeles. Elizabeth Hurley and him were close in the past year. They had discussed for the last time on April 4, 2020, the date of the anniversary of their son, Damian, which was celebrated on this day 18 years of age.