Sylvie Tellier dainty with her husband, Laurent, is exhausted through an exit trying

We know that Sylvie Tellier or her husband Laurent is the more sporty !

On the morning of Saturday 23 may 2020, the former Miss France, 41 years of age, became a director of the company Miss France, has unveiled with the one who is her husband since July of 2017, by posting a video in his stories Instagram. In Marseille since a few days, the couple went for a walk early in the morning, in the massif de Marseilleveyre, located on the southern coast of the mediterranean City. Well-equipped for this sport output, with a camel back on the back, Sylvie Tellier proved to be dainty at the end of this ascension. More than her husband, who was himself said to have a “head killer” in this sequence to two. Lovers have market in 1h48.

The day before, the great patron of the Miss France had published the photo of a pretty sunset on the Mediterranean sea, a publication which did not fail to react, as the previous localized in Marseille. Many internet users complain that, in effect, to Sylvie Tellier did not comply with the rules of the déconfinement, and the maximum limit of 100 km to move. In the Face of many repeated criticisms, the mom of three children (Oscar, born of his previous marriage with Camille The Pain, Margaux and Romeo, the fruit of her love for Lawrence) had not been slow to replicate, referring to “family reunification”.

In Paris during the confinement, with his three children, Sylvie Tellier has very little saw her husband during this period. “My husband works all day, he is locked in a room, so it does not see. We meet for lunch and wait for the week-end with impatience”, she said in an interview with our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs. She did not hide the difficulty of daily life with three children : “I have three children, as long as there was the school holidays, it was easy to manage. Now, it is a little more complex. Do the mistress, manage a home, give them to eat, care for the centenary of Miss France… it is a lot.”