Tarek Boudali left In the family : the reason for his departure

Monday, June 29, 2020, M6 gave the kick-off of season 9 of family. New episodes in which Tarek Boudali is notable by its absence. The interpreter of Kader announced in June 2018 that he no longer wished to interpret his character (that he played since 2012) and had explained why he had made the choice to leave the series. You refresh the memory !

It was during a press conference of the series that the actor of 40-year-old had announced the sad news. “The decision to stop came from the natural way. I had too much time with all of my projects. Obviously I get a pinch in the heart because I spent seven years in this family… It was a unique experience that enriched me a lot,” he confided. In recent years, the partner of Charlie Bruneau – became a mother for the first time a month ago – has indeed chained the projects in the cinema. We were able to see in Baby-Sitting 1 (2014) and 2 (2015), and then Alibi.com and Wife me my friend (2017), and Nicky Larson (2018). This year, he also directed the film 30 days max, which should be out in cinemas on October 14, 2020. Difficult to reconcile. “I got to a point where he had to make a choice because I had too much work. It’s cool, but at the same time, I was a little tired, so I couldn’t do everything,” he also explained to Puremedias.

The sadness of Charlie Bruneau

Charlie Bruneau, who plays his partner Roxanne in family, had also reacted to his departure with Télé 7 jours : “I have not taken it in a violent way, as we had talked a lot about upstream. I’m very happy for him, because I understand his motivations. But I see him leaving with a lot of sadness.”

Despite the departure of Tarek Boudali, the production would not separate themselves from Charlie Bruneau. The writers have therefore had to adapt in order that his adventures continue. At the start, He has just been transferred to New Zealand for his work. But he finally left Roxane. The latter lives now in a shared flat with his cousin Seb (Benoît Moret) and his girlfriend Bonnie (Tiphaine Daviot). “There are going to be moments pretty neat and earthy. Seb is going to become a referent male twins. Roxane is a single proactive, she sees celibacy as a challenge and wants to optimize this period. She tries to rebuild a history with someone for rebuilding a home, but will realize that this is not easy,” told the actress to Tv Leisure. It will finally make a meeting that would change his life.