Tatangelo is talking about a lot of harassment: “That’s why it’s over between us.”

Tatangelo is talking about a lot of harassment:

“It was a very important story, but life goes on and today we are serene,” says the singer, a real guest. “Today we are peaceful. Life goes on”, confides guest of silvia toffanin to very true (Saturday May 1 on channel 5.)

“Although our history is over, I am happy because I have my son”, he adds. Remains the awareness of having tried… there was the phase of failure, especially when there are children, but life goes on. Today we are peaceful.” mistakes have been made, confesses the singer toffanin silvia: “The mistakes we make them all.

I believed so much in our history even when they said it would end. I am very happy because, no matter what happened, I have my son go, the most important thing in the world.”Anna Tatangelo: “I, the crisis with gigi, the love found… I tell you everything” – exclusive“CERTO that I want another FIGLIO!” – an angel seems to have found a new serenity.

“We haven’t been together for a while”, he had written then the singer confirming their final break. Our roads are divided, but I am sure that we will always walk next to each other for our son Andrea”. “It’s not easy to dare from such a long separation and offering with a child asking questions.

You must always be ready to listen and not hurt anyone to protect the other part. It is not good to harm each other.” and the possibility of having another child in the future, the singer has no doubt: “Assolubly, I am only 34 years old. I never stop thinking about beautiful things.”Tatangelo anna and the supergossip on the new boyfriend: “I have the right to make a life again” – lookToday ©Reserved PRODUCTION