Tatiana-Laurence is about the death of her mother, “retrouvée inerte dans une marre de sang”

Tatiana-Laurence is about the death of her mother,

The life of Tatiana-Laurence has long been a fight. At the age of 17, the former Secret Story (2007) candidate had a toxic relationship with a young man who sexually assaulted her. Invited by Évelyne Thomas on No Stop People, the pretty blonde remembered being “prepared to her death.”

And for her to remind her of her mother’s words: “You know, one day, (my companion ndlr) will happen. Later, on returning from school, Tatiana-Laurence learned of his mother’s death, “retrouvée inerte dans une marre de sang”. He burned the body…”My father said to me, “seat, we have something to say: your mother is dead.”

It was very fast, as for him it was a shock, no one prepared me,” she revived with emotion. Her father-in-law, whom she holds unequivocally for the death of her mother, was never prosecuted. “No one ever talked about violence, so in fact, when we found my mother dead in her blood, who could talk after?

He said it was my mother’s will, which was false, I know,” she said again. Tatiana-Laurence continues to talk about these painful subjects to free speech and incite women victims to condemn their executioners.