Taylor Schilling (Orange Is the New Black) presents his new companion !

Love is the new black. On social networks, and Taylor Schilling – is known for having played Piper Chapman on Netflix for seven seasons – has revealed that she was in love. His companion, the artist Emily Ritz, has shared a photograph adorable on which they embrace, looking at each other with stars in their eyes in front of a sky greyish. “I couldn’t be more proud that by being at your side, writing to his sweetheart. Happy Pride to all !” As to the actress of 35 years, she has just repartagé this shot by adding more cores, confirming that she lived a pure bliss… but always discreet !

In the series Orange Is the New Black, Taylor Schilling played a character sexuality is fluctuating, since she was engaged to Larry (Jason Big) before falling under the spell of her ex Alex (Laura Prepon) behind bars. In real life, the preferences of the actress, have often been questioned, although they do look at basically anyone other than her. “I’ve had relationships very serious, with lots of different people,” explained she, however, is the magazine the Evening Standard in may 2017. I am a whole person. There is no part of me that you could label. I’m really not in a box, I find it very reductive. I have a lot of love to give, and I have no qualms to give it to you, no matter who.”

Emily Ritz and Taylor Schilling reportedly met through mutual friends, according to information from the website Just Jared. Their relationship dated back to the end of the year 2019. On social networks, the actress has recently shown his support for the movement Black Lives Matter, and has paid tribute to the activist trans Marsha P. Johnson. Side career, in contrast, there was little news of her since the end of Orange Is the New Black. It has been discovered in 2007 in Dark Matter, rediscovery in the series Mercy from 2009 to 2010. But no project appears for the moment to point the tip of his nose. It has simply done nothing since she hung up the role of Piper Chapman… who had earned three Satellite Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, and two nominations for the Golden Globes.