Teddy Riner targeted by racist insults : the “disgust” of Camille Lacourt

The debates and the markets a bit everywhere on the planet around the issue of racism – in the wake of the death of George Floyd in the United States – chagrinent some minds grumpy at the idea of seeing things change… A small handful even goes so far as to claim a hatred of the other. The athlete Teddy Riner has made of the costs.

The national Institute of sport, expertise and performance (Insep), in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, was tagged on June 28, 2020 by racist graffiti and slurs, covering photos of French athletes such as judoka Teddy Riner, or the athlete specialist in the 110 metre hurdles, Dimitri Bascou. “This morning have been discoveries of racist insults on the photos of the athletes of the olympic Games in Rio, arranged on the outer railings of the Insep in the heart of the bois de Vincennes. The public establishment, which was immediately see this outrage, condemns these actions and will file a complaint with the police. Insep condemns with the utmost force of these acts of depravity”, said in a news release on Twiter, Ghani Yalouz, the director general of the institute.

The sports world, which tries so hard to share the values of respect, solidarity and team spirit, has responded en masse to condemn these racist slurs. The swimmer multimédaillé Camille Lacourt – it also competed in the olympic Games in Rio in 2016 – including the word on Instagram by sharing pictures with the famous inscriptions. In the caption, he wrote : “Sadness, and disgust ! I will not stay silent in the face of such acts ! For me, all the French athletes are only blue white red, the color of our flag that represents equality, fraternity and freedom. Let’s not let a minority of stupid and so poorly educated divide our country !” A beautiful message of his support for Teddy Riner and his comrades.

On social networks, and other major athletes have also condemned this act as the former world champion of football, Bixente Lizarazu. The minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, for his part, recalled, “that the fight against racism (or should) continue”.