That mark on the hood, that might be a tricolor: the Fiat logo returns to four bars in green white and red?

Comes the new logo for Fiat cars electrified in the twenties? May, at least on some models and in some markets. Always certain auto manufacturers correct the aesthetic of your brand. At least every now and then, retracing often the themes centenarians. Is what appears on the front, on the tailgate or on the ignition keys. It is what is in mind at all thinking about the brand or read the name anywhere, so it has its weight.

The great Fiat, the subsidiary of the company, sooner or later, with PSA, you may update the design id, not only of hybrid cars expected from 2021 onwards, but also the logo on the same. A preview can, comes to us from the new car crossover sold in Latin America, where Fiat has always been strong. Cronos or Argo, but especially the last Fiat Strada. This is the new minimalist design of the Fiat logo? Yet they are the usual four letters, with a style that over the years varies. Well if you look on the front here is something known, disappeared with the end of the Nineties: the four slanted lines on the right.

All the recall on the ever-popular Fiat Uno and Type, but also Colour or Race, and some Rhythm, not to mention the Fiat Panda of the time. The novelty then is a revival? You may, even if in this case, the space of nationalism because the bars are tricolor: green, white (2) and red, instead of the old chrome.