The challenge of Gaia and Giulia, for Friends 19, to get to the public without meeting him physically

Just the power of music and that of Friends to allow Gaia and Giulia to be able to enjoy what happened in the past few years, with many colleagues? The answer is impossible to predict. Gaia is the winner of the last edition of Friends of Maria De Filippi, author of “Genesis”, his first album, while Giulia is the other finalist, classificatasi third (second total with regard to the singing), and both are in the condition of not being able to meet the fans. The pandemic coronavirus, in fact, prevents the gathering and so, for the two singers, the classical instore that accompanies the end of the transmission is postponed to a date to be announced.

No instore for Gaia and Giulia

To the cause of the epidemic of Covid-19, the singers of the transmission that have released an album they had to do in digital format only, deferring until further notice the release of the physical version. Not being able to do a instore is a considerable problem for any singer, a part at a personal level, because it prevents a huge crowd that is always a pleasure, because it is with the store that sell a little bit of physical disks and this thing has its influences on the rankings (for what, now, count).

The importance of in-store for Urso, and Angi

They know something about, for example, Alberto Urso and Giordana Angi, who last year competed for the final victory. He won the sicilian tenor. The two had already published their albums, however, were not at the top of the sales rankings, debuting in the top 10 is floating out from the podium until he left the store. At that point, Alberto Urso was able to celebrate the comeback and the first place, in a week that saw Giordana Angi climb up to the second position, a demonstration of the power of the meetings with the public. Urso had made his debut in the fourth position, in the first week of the release of “Only,” while Giordana Angi – which would later debut in the head with the second album – he started the seventh with “Home”.

Rankings and numbers of Gaia Giulia

Also for Gaia and Giulia, the situation is similar, on the contrary because of a listening stream that paradoxically, in spite of the isolation, is reduced, as well worse. The first data say that the two girls have not yet broken through, with Gaia, that he made his debut in fifth place with “Genesis”, losing, however, 10 positions, seventh on the next and stabilised in the fifteenth. For Giulia, the situation is even worse, with an onset in eighteenth position for its “anything Goes”, which has become u 34° the next week. There will be no instore that will push them on, then it is to be hoped, especially in the coupling of the final on Friday 3 April and wake later. For now, none of the two is still the entry in the playlist Spotify Top 5o Italy, even if Giulia Molino can boast a second place in the Spotify Viral 50 Italy. Different, however, is the speech on Youtube, where the last individual of the singers see “Chega” of Gaia has exceeded one million views while the official music video for “all is well” is a 150 thousand views, and both are out by a week.