The chief Plaza is still the young star of Italian rap

If you asked a friend not really in the know on the new scene to rap, and trap would not remain baffled if nominassi Ball Ebbasta or Ghali, it is likely, however, would be barred on Head Plaza. We talk about a generation away from his, to which the trap is arrived especially for the controversy post Corinaldo or for the radio successes of Ghali (say trap, but it was already a few steps towards a new pop) and Head to the Plaza could discover it not turning on the radio, but talking with some nephew or wandering on Youtube. And yet the strange thing is this, that Luca Bear-from Pastena, Salerno, italy, is without doubt one of the reference points of the scene, one of those that not only has the numbers, but that is also able to give direction to the genre, that led him to overcome the national borders.

Video from millions of views

It’s a little’ species to see his first productions, so different from the ones of the present, the first bars, the collaboration with a young Ball Ebbasta, with which he continued his collaboration. His first and currently only album “20” – published with the Am Records Ghali, who helped to launch it – is one of the most long-lived among those in the top positions of the rankings and its most viewed videos, even exceeding those of the best-known names, in fact. Its two most popular video make 140 million views in two: “74 “Young stars” and 72 “Tesla” with the Ball and DrefGold, but there are at least five others – not to mention the feat – that exceed 20 million (the”Workout #2″ has 37 million, “Workout #3” has 32, “One ring” to 28 mln, “Nisida” has 24 and “will never leave me” has 22). Obviously numbers are not everything, needless to emphasize, but better repeat it. Head to the Plaza, however, is among the first who have taken a genre and have it bent to your style, with the trust AVA at his side.

An artist from export

Despite the rap that moves increasingly in the direction of featuring continuous, there are not many those that can ensure a visibility huge. The Plaza is one of the few that ensures a hoard of a few million views, and this for the respect that he has earned in the scene (one of the last feat is the one with Philip, whose video with the Plaza has done the triple of the visits of his most visas, for example). Looking a little beyond our boundaries, just listen to the feat with Aya Nakamura or Ninho in order to understand the weight that the rapper has purchased: “New album, new my life, before I was over a bench, mo’ find me in the first place Viral” sings a song with the title that is his manifesto (along with the “Winds”), or “will never leave me”.

“20” the debut album on the bestseller list for two years

When a spoke of his album “20” – certified 3 times platinum, he said: “A word to represent it is ‘revenge’ and especially ‘proud people'” right to understand a bit what is the background of Capo Plaza: “Daddy works as a clerk in the office of housing, is in the lobby: earn one thousand euro per month. Mom does the accounting half a day in a study of lawyers and takes 300 euro,” he said in an interview with Vanity Fair. Passionate about rap american, French influences, perhaps it was difficult even for him to imagine that the “20” could withstand the most high in the rankings for all this time. Are now 109 weeks that are there, down beyond the 20, but the would come out with a new single to return to climb again in the charts. He knows it, but for now it seems not to care about, many expect the second album, trying to figure out the direction it will take, what feat will, but for now do not talk, do not know anything official, he waits, and unlike what you think, it is useless to try on her Instagram. The Plaza speaks with songs and feat.