The cold harry prince with his father charles? he wouldn’t have addressed a word to him.

The cold harry prince with his father charles? he wouldn't have addressed a word to him.

Came to greet the memory of his venerable grandfather who died on April 9, the harry prince again caused the stench within the British royal family during the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh. It must be said that the prince returned to the United States only three days after the funeral of the Philippine prince, leaving very little time for a possible family reconciliation. The principal carriages in particular would be particularly furious of the behaviour of his younger.

A source would have said to the express magazine: “Here is hard to believe that the prince harry rushed to los angeles so quickly after the funerals, especially with the unspoken ones who remain between them”. If he had a (very) brief discussion with his brother the Prince william, there is nothing for his father the Charle Prince, who therefore did not have the right to such respects. If he confessed to being “really disappointed” by his father during his interview with oprah winfrey, the harry prince nevertheless indicated “I will always love him”.

Obviously, time has still not solved things between harry and his own. Arrived on 20 April 2021 at santa barbara to join his wife, the prince harry also missed the 95 years of her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth ii, who celebrated her birthday on 21 April 2021.