The history of The music is over, the classic of Ornella Vanoni in Sanremo 1967

Among the unforgettable songs in the history of the Sanremo Festival, “The music is over” by Ornella Vanoni is among those that have been able to establish itself as a great classic. A song that will be celebrated in the course of the evening a cover of the Sanremo 2020, Thursday, February 6, from Irene and Bobo Rondelli. The tuscan artist is in the race in Sanremo 2020, with “at last, “I”, but in the evening, cover as well as giving one of the most sophisticated of Italian music.

The music is over” is a classic of Italian song. Presented at the Sanremo Festival of 1967 by Ornella Vanoni in conjunction with Mario Guarnera, the song was born from the pen of Franco Califano and Nicholas Salerno, music by Umberto Bindi. A pearl that sits at fourth place in the standings at the festival, and then shine with their own light in the following years, also thanks to the many artists who reproduce. It was the same Califano to make a version, but also by Mina, Renato Zero, Massimo Ranieri and many others. The song was also engraved a version in English, “Our song,” from Robert Plant, who would later become the voice of Led Zeppelin.

The meaning of The music is over

The song is based on the story of a single situation, a party where the protagonist of the song has the chance to meet her ex-boyfriend. The occasion that fails to take advantage of, mancandole the courage to approach him. The hint of a greeting, the shadow of a smile, are the only exchanges between the two. Not a word, not even at the end, when the music is over and the friends go away, even in that case, the ex-boyfriend, he leaves her alone in her despair. That, however, does not mean giving up, since she continues to dream of a new possibility, a chance to not throw away the hope of love.

The text of The music is over

The music is over
Friends if they go
That useless night my love
I waited so long to see you
But it has not served to has
Not even a word
The hint of a greeting
I say to you goodbye my love
Hiding the melancholy
Under the shade of a sorrisoCosa I would not give
To holding you close to me
What I would not do
Because this love
Become for me
Stronger than maiEcco
The music is over
Friends if they go
And you are leaving me alone more than before
A minute is long to die
If it is not lived with you
Do not throw away so
The hope of a life of amoreUn minute is to long to die
If it is not lived with you
Do not throw away so
The hope of a life of love