The Lucio Battisti that you don’t know: collected Rarities rare versions of the hits of the singer

Between two months, on the 25th of September next there will be a collection of the rarity of Lucio Battisti. It will be called “Lucio Battisti – Rarities” this collection of songs that has been distributed in various media, and are now being brought together in a single box. The cover of the album, already gives an idea with the various cassette tapes, stacked to make one understand the concept of rarity (cassettes more than vinyl, that in their niche and still enjoy a market): the individual, alternate versions, rarities and B sides will be what you will find fans of the roman singer who over the years have lost something on the road.

Lucio Battisti in English, French and Spanish

Songs in French, in Spanish and in English, for example, when the Baptists tried the road of internationalization. The singer, as is well known, was highly esteemed by professionals and international colleagues: it is known, for example, the love that David Bowie had in store for him. Despite this, however, Baptists would never really become a must on the international scene, although she would enjoy in Italy, a respect and a huge following. His songs, we all know, are an integral part of the cultural History of our Psaese, to the point that, at a certain point, Battisti has also been able to afford to publish four albums, the album is white, which represent some sort of category apart in his discography (including the abandonment of the Mughal empire as a lyricist and the entry of Pasquale Panella).

The full tracklist of Rarities

Among the pearls that you can listen to, reads the press note, there will be “the rare Extended Version of “Thoughts and Words”, “The ants”, which was written by Wilma Goich, “The butterfly gone crazy” brought to the Festival of Sanremo 1968 by the unusual couple formed by Johnny Dorelli and Paul Anka, and songs in a foreign language”. The full tracklist includes “Thoughts and words” [Extended Version], “Per una lira”, “Sell house”, “The ants”, “The sword in the heart”, “The crazy race”, “Why should I”, “The butterfly gone crazy”, “my baby”, “Les jardins de Septembre”, “Toujours plus belle”, “Ma Chanson de liberté”, “La Colina de las Cerezas”, “Una Muchacha por Amigo”, “To Feel in Love” and “Only”.