The National Anthem of Sergio Sylvestre, it was “The me the crown,” then apologizes: raining insults

It would not be easy even for the most experienced and smart of the artists, let alone for a young lever, as Sergio Sylvestre. The singer’s ex-Friends has been bombarded with insults and criticisms on social networks for having “the wrong” the National Anthem at the Olympic Stadium, shortly before the start of the Italian Cup final between Napoli and Juventus. But at one stage the desert, in a climate that is truly surreal, was not easy. No one must have put it in the account. At the time of singing “The me the crown,” the singer mistakenly attack and, after a moment of hesitation, resumed singing.

The words of Sergio Sylvestre

At the end of his speech, the singer has raised his fist to the sky screaming “No Justice No Peace”, joining in spirit with the movement Black Lives Matter, which has sparked reactions around the world after the death of George Floyd. But it was a moment, beyond the error, is intense and the same Sylvestre commented on a time out: “I just finished sing I’m so excited, the excitement was very great, but thank you.” When, however, must have read the criticism on the social network, the singer is back on the subject, and has therefore had to clarify:

It was an evening very exciting, I have never been so excited even when I have been to Friends or Sanremo. To hear this echo so strong, in a stadium so empty it made me freeze. I came up with a sadness and very strong, these things here, I block you, because I’m involved in so much. See a stage so empty it’s a pity only this.

Series: you try to sing in a stadium so empty.

Napoli won the Italian Cup: beaten Juventus on penalties

For the record, Napoli have won the Italian Cup, beating Juventus on penalty kicks. The match in the regulation time ended with the result 0-0. As required by the regulations, as amended post-Covid19, in case of a tie go to penalty kicks. The naples team has won with the overall result being 4-2 up at the sky, the sixth Italian Cup in its history.