The plan of Europe to stop the landings of migrants: “Italy should not be left alone”

The plan of Europe to stop the landings of migrants: “Italy should not be left alone”
Lapresse 07-03-2011 Lampedusa, Italia Cronaca Nella notte un migliaio di clandestini sbarcano a Lampedusa, 10 barconi raggiungono l' Isola. Nella foto l'arrivo dei clandestini Lapresse 07-03-2011 Lampedusa Island, Italy Resumed at full speed landings of illegal tunisians immigrants on the lampedusa island

The Italian government has also asked to include the issue of migrants among the themes in question to the next ue council in bruxelles, Monday and Tuesday next. “I contact the governments of the union to set up a system of voluntary and provisional redistribution to help italy to face the summer,” he added. According to the Commissioner, “it is essential that Italy receives European solidarity. ”

“We have learned that voluntary redistribution is not enough and therefore the approval of the reform of migration policies with mandatory relocations is essential.” Johansson said he was “in contact with governments to organize a network of voluntary aid, voluntary redistribution that could help Italy in the summer months until we approve the ue reform.” We will soon be able to see each other in person and move forward. ”

However, it will not be possible to close the reform by summer. I think Italian will receive help with redistribution, but at the moment I can’t say more. I do not know yet whether we will proceed with a second statement like that of malt or if we will have a different mechanism.

The mortar agreement introduced a voluntary rotation of the landing ports: the migrants would land in other countries not only when the ports of italia and malta would have been saturated. It also provided for a “compulsory-based” redistribution with a system of quotas, established by the countries participating in the pact. The planned agreements concerned only the landings with ships of the NGOs, ships of the navy or of the coast guard.

Was the stressful president of the council mario draghi, during his visit to tripoli, to talk about a possible new partnership. A second point concerns the control of the border south of libia, from which the main migration route passes, with refugees from Chad and Nigeria. The third point would concern the strengthening of collaboration with the so-called Libyan Coast Guard.