The son of Umberto Tozzi: “My mother did not stole his money, for years I have”met”

The death of Serafina Scialò, the ex-lover of Umberto Tozzi, re-opened wounds in the family of the singer. In an interview a few days ago the Corriere della Sera, the singer explained that he was talking about the woman, remembering just how she had forgiven him for the money, she said, she has stolen and how he kept away from his son, Nicholas Armando. Tozzi explained that he could put her in prison and that there was very close: “At the time I had signed two cheques to pay suppliers. She sent them to the collection: one was 100 million, the other of 350 million lire,” but saw that she was the mother of the son left to run. In addition, Tozzi has accused the woman of having implemented a brain-wash the child, preventing him from seeing it.

The ratio of Tozzi’s with Serafina Scialò

The son has spoken, denying the version of the father on the mother Serafina Scialò. Always to the Corriere della Sera, in fact, Nicholas Armando wanted to take the word to defend his mother, now that she can’t answer and give his version of the story. The one of a child and a teenager, and man, after that he had enormous difficulties to meet the father. The first things that you remember are the fights on the phone: “my, you spoke only through lawyers or relatives, and I in the middle: mom has always treated me as an adult or the man of the family,” he said, explaining that the relationship with the mother was not simple, because “When it is separate, has sunk into self-destruction (…) it was fragile (…). The anger is even more the case over time. I had to realize that she was unsalvageable and I could only save myself.”

False the question of the theft of the mother

Nicholas Armando denies the history of money and cheques, explaining that the father left the mother of two cheques for every eventuality and that you have not collected the money, “exasperated, she brought a check to the bank, but then not collected. The other check was a life in the house. She’s not earned anything”, clarifying that it is not seeking any kind of vision (“if I were in trouble, I’m not going to look for the token presence on tv, I go to the Caritas”).

The distance of Umberto Tozzi and his father

Again, speaking of Umberto Tozzi, however, has admitted that the father had tried a couple of times to meet him but other times I waited and he did not come. When she played with the National team here in Udine, and I had to bring my aunt. I was six or seven years, is denied”. Later she met him at other times, for a period a bit longer when he was barely of age, but in 2011, that was the last time “Was with people that it was nothing and talked about nothing.” Today, however, closes the door and says: “I would like to give us the true time, he and I alone.”